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Webshop - 2dehands.be product API-integration

2dehands.be is a household name in Belgium with over 700,000 daily visitors! (visitors to other marketplaces in this segment are therefore nil). Nowadays, many new products are also sold through second-hand and increasingly from the higher segment (branded products, etc.).

Admarkt is for companies & webshops who want to advertise on 2dehands.be. 2dehands charges a cost-per-click (from €0.01) for this. Compared to other comparison sites & Google Adwords, Admarkt usually has a very favorable click price.

With this link you can quickly and easily advertise your webshop products via Admarkt on Marktplaats.nl! Experience the effect of a large number of advertisements on Marktplaats.nl!

2dehands.be charges you Cost-Per-Click.
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2dehands.be datafeed

  • Price: €35/feed/month
    (afhankelijk van webshop-type)

  • €75 one-time setup fee
  • Or bundle rate €15/feed/month
  • Rate up to 5,000 items
  • Subscription Conditions
Generate more visitors and revenue for your online store by advertising/promoting on 2dehands.be.
You can specify within minutes whether you want automatic ads (all underlying products per webshop category), or only certain webshop products.
Possibility of automatically creating advertisements for new webshop products.
Advertisements are automatically kept up to date (e.g. with product price changes) and if a product is no longer on your website, the advertisement is automatically removed.
Item filtering possible (e.g. no ads for products over €500,-)
You do not have to build a new data feed for our services.
No adjustment of the webshop necessary.
No cooperation from web shop builder or server access required.
Connection usually ready within 1 working day!

We prepare clean ads for your webshop articles on a daily basis. All you have to do is select the groups/articles/click costs you want and your ads will go directly online on 2dehands.be! Multiple times a day, the integration keeps ads up-to-date, based on your webshop articles & settings.

ESS is a leading 2dehands.be Partner (with more then one million Admarkt ads) and offer the most comprehensive & direct connection.

Manually creating and managing advertisements for webshop products is time-consuming and difficult to manage. For this we have developed this webshop link in collaboration with 2dehands.be. We ensure that you can make neat Admarkt advertisements from your webshop products quickly & easily (possibly automatically). You can easily manage the link settings yourself via the internet and no ICT knowledge is required. Phone support is included.

ESS can realize the webshop Admarkt integration for you, without you having to worry about it. ESS looks at what relevant product data is available, initially prepares a high-quality setup, based on experience, and portal for optimization settings.

€50,- Admarkt credit as a gift

As long as stocks last: If you create a new Admarkt account and use a discount code provided by us, you will receive € 50,- Admarkt credit as a gift!

Optimized datafeeds

It is important that feeds contain correct and current article information, according to the requirements and wishes of the relevant comparison site for an optimal result. Good data feeds require automatic filtering of formatting from texts, extracting important information and passing it on separately, such as brand names, EAN codes, sizes and colors and sometimes converting article groups and color codes.

High Service realization & support

ESS analyzes your webshop and has specialized systems. We have the know-how to ensure an optimized data feed based on the article data that is available. We also monitor the daily data collection and conversions to detect problems without you noticing.

Crawling capabilities

We have direct API controls or modules for various webshop types. In case of a different webshop type or custom webshop, our Crawlers can optionally offer a solution, to collect your article data from your webshop pages & possibly combine it with source feeds.

Delivery usually 1 working day!

Data feeds are our specialty & core business: we are able to deliver most data feeds within 1 working day, so you can quickly start a new campaign!

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